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Applications in the prescribed format are invited for 100 overseas scholarships and 5 passage grants from eligible candidates belonging to the following categories: –

Sl. No. Category No. of Scholarships No. of Passage Grants
1. Scheduled Castes 90 04
2. Denotified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes 06 01
3. Landless Agricultural Labourers and Traditional Artisans 04

The unfilled slots of previous three Selection Years will also be carried forward to Selection Year 2017-18 after completion of the process for selection year 2016-17. e) Scholarship:

The Scholarship covers cost of fees etc. and other educational expenses including maintenance, contingency allowance, and travel expenses etc. for various courses in the specified field of study at Masters and Ph.D level only.

II) Specified Fields of Study:-

Field of Study No. of Seats
a) Engineering and Management 32
b) Pure Sciences and Applied Sciences 17
c) Agricultural Sciences and Medicine 17
d) International Commerce, Accounting Finance 17
e) Humanities, Social Science & Fine Arts 17
Total 100

30% of the awards shall be earmarked for women candidates.

III) Passage Grant:

For the passage grant, only those candidates are eligible who possess a Master or equivalent degree in above mentioned disciplines and are in receipt of merit scholarship for Post Graduate studies, Research or Training abroad (excluding attending seminars, workshops, conferences from a foreign Government/organization or under any other scheme where the cost of passage is not provided).

Minimum Qualification

(a)For Ph.D. : 55% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Masters Degree. Preference would be given to the experienced candidates, especially to those who are on lien with their existing post and employer.

(b) For Master’s Degree: 55% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Bachelors Degree. Preference would be given to the experienced candidates, especially to those who are on lien with their existing post and employer.


Below 35 (Thirty Five) years, as on 1st April, 2017

Income Ceiling

Total family income from all sources shall not exceed Rs. 6, 00,000 (Rs. Six lakhs per annum)

Maximum number of children in a family for the award.

Not more than two children of the same parents/guardians will be eligible and to this effect a self certification will be required from the candidate. An awardee cannot be considered for the award on a subsequent occasion as the award can be given only once. The second child of the same parents/guardians will be considered only if the slots are still available for that year.

Selection Procedure

i) Students who have already obtained unconditional offer letter for admission in one of the Universities/Educational Institutions abroad which is accredited by an authorised body of that country, from the academic session 2017-18 onwards may be considered for the award on a first-come-first-serve basis, subject to fulfilment of other conditions of the scheme and availability of the slots. Those who have already left the country and are pursuing studies abroad prior to the issue of this advertisement will not be considered for award of scholarship.

ii) Students who are trying to obtain the admission in one of the Universities/ Educational Institutions abroad which is accredited by an authorised body of that country may also be provided assurance of scholarship, to facilitate their admission, if required by educational institution/university. In case they are finally successful in securing such admission, they may be considered for the award, subject to other conditions of the Scheme and availability of the slots. The assurance so given would be valid for a period of one year from date of communication of the assurance.

iii) The award will be admissible from 2017-18 and no past claims will be entertained.

iv) In case of tie between two or more candidates the one who is elder in age (as per the date of birth recorded in Secondary School Certificate) will be placed above the others.

Duration of Award with Financial Assistance

The prescribed financial assistance is provided up to completion of the course/research or the following period, whichever is earlier: –

(a)Ph.D. — 04 years (Four years)

(b)Master’s Degree — 03 years (Three years)

The extension of stay beyond prescribed period for levels of courses as mentioned above, may be considered without financial assistance of any kind except the air passage to return to India, if and only if recommendation of the competent concerned authority in the educational institution/ university as well as the Indian mission abroad is received certifying that such an overstay for a specified period, is absolutely essential for facilitating the candidate to complete the course. The final decision in this regard will, however, rest with the Government of India alone.

Employed Candidates

Candidates who are in employment must forward their applications through their

employer along with a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) by the employer to this Ministry so as to reach the Ministry on or before the last date of receipt of applications as specified in the advertisement of the Scheme.

Financial Assistance

A.Quantum of Annual Maintenance Allowance

(I)For United States of America and other countries except United Kingdom

The annual maintenance allowance of US Dollars 15400/- (Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred) has been prescribed for all levels of courses covered under the Scheme.

(II)Only for United Kingdom

The annual maintenance allowance of 9900/- (Nine Thousand Nine Hundred) Great Britain Pound (GBP) has been prescribed.

B.Earnings from Research/Teaching Assistanceship

The awardees are permitted to supplement their prescribed allowances by undertaking Research/Teaching Assistantship.

C.Quantum of Annual Contingency Allowance

(I)For United States of America and other countries except United Kingdom

The prescribed contingency allowance for books/essential apparatus /study tour/travel cost for attending subject related conferences, workshops etc./ typing and binding of thesis etc. is US Dollars 1500/- (One Thousand five hundred) per annum.

(II)Only for United Kingdom

The prescribed contingency allowance for books/essential apparatus /study tour/travel cost for attending subject related conferences, workshops etc./ typing and binding of thesis etc. is Great Britain Pound (GBP) 1100/- (One Thousand One Hundred) per annum.

D.Incidental journey allowance & equipment allowance

The prescribed Incidental journey allowance is US $20/- (Twenty) or its equivalent in Indian Rupees and the prescribed equipment allowance is US$ 20/- (Twenty)

E.Poll Tax

Actual will be paid, wherever applicable.

F.Visa Fees

Actual visa fees in Indian Rupees will be paid.

G.Tuition Fees

Actual as charged.

H. Medical Insurance Premium

Actual as charged.

I. Air Passage

Air passage from India to the nearest place to the educational institution and back to India, by economy class and shortest route in arrangements with the national carrier, will be provided.

J. Local Travel

(i) Second or Coach Class railway fare from the port of disembarkation to the place of

study and back. In case of far flung places not connected by rail, bus fare(s) from the

place of residence to the nearest railway station, actual charge of crossing by ferry, air

fare to the nearest rail-cum-air Station and/or second class railway fare by the shortest

route to the port of embarkation and back will be permissible.

(ii) The mode of disbursement of above listed financial assistance will be decided by

the Government of India and Indian Missions abroad.

Mandatory Conditions:

i. (a) The selected candidate is required to execute a bond on a non-judicial stamp paper before a notary-public with two sureties who will execute surety bonds separately for the actual amount to be spent by Government of India on the candidate or Rs. 50,000/- (fifty thousand) whichever is more. Each of the surety bonds shall specify and cover for the estimated expenditure in Indian Rupees that would be incurred as travel expenses, fees, maintenance and contingency allowances, stipends, scholarship and other miscellaneous expenses, on the awardee during the entire period of study abroad and shall become payable by the sureties jointly or/and severally in case the awardee is declared a defaulter by the Ministry under the provisions of the Scheme. The language of the bond as decided by the Government of India will be acceptable to the candidate. The selected candidates have to provide Solvency certificates for both the sureties issued by Revenue Department of the concerned state government. (b) In case the selected candidate obtains admission in an accredited university/institution abroad and joins the university/institution before execution of bonds as mentioned in clause V(ii) (a) of the scheme and is not in a position to return to India then he/she may execute the Power Of Attorney (POA) for any representative of his/her in India to act for and on his/her behalf to execute legal Bonds/ agreements/ undertakings with the Government of India. All such applicants are required to get the POA attested/validated by Indian Embassy/High Commission in the country where he/she is pursuing studies.

ii. The selected candidate will also be required to execute a bond with this Ministry and the Indian Mission abroad, as per prevailing laws of the foreign country, that the extension of stay abroad beyond completion of the course or duration of the scholarship under the Scheme, whichever is earlier will not be permissible. However the extension of stay abroad beyond completion of the course or duration of the scholarship under the Scheme, whichever is earlier will only be permissible as mentioned in clause V (ix) of the scheme .

iii. The candidate will give an undertaking that he will allow his university to share information with concerned Indian Mission abroad and the ministry.

iv. The selected candidates can pursue their respective studies in one of the Universities/Educational Institution abroad which is accredited by an authorized body of that country, from the academic session 2017-18. The candidates are required to make their own efforts in seeking admission in one of the Universities/Educational Institution abroad which is accredited by an authorized body of that country in programmes/fields specified in the Scheme.

v. In case the married candidates take a decision to take their spouse and children with them or join them subsequently during the period of study, it is entirely for them to

assess their financial potential and availability of passport, visa etc., as no financial assistance of any kind as well as any other support coverage is provided under the Scheme for their spouse and children.

vi. All administrative matters like study leave, salary etc. will be directly sorted out by the candidate with his/her employer and as per rules of the serving organization. This Ministry will not take any responsibility or render any assistance in this regard. vii. In case of exigency at home where the awardee is required to return to India for some time to attend to it, the awardee is permitted to return to India for the specific purpose, after having informed the Indian Mission and the educational institution where one is pursuing studies about it. The awardee will, however, be required to bear to and fro journey expenses for the visit and shall also not be entitled to receive any maintenance allowance under the scheme, from the Indian Mission, for the period of being away from the place of his/her educational institution abroad and the maintenance allowance shall be resumed by the Indian Mission only from the date of his/her resuming the same course at the same institution. The awardee after having dealt with the situation at home, is required to return to the place of his/her educational institution, as early as possible; failing which, he/she shall be liable to be declared a defaulter and the recovery proceeding will be initiated against him/her.

viii. All candidates after having availed of the award under the Scheme are required to return to India. However, permission for staying abroad after completion of the course without any financial support will be considered if a candidate is able to obtain employment abroad, or joins any other course or is married to a person settled abroad. For this purpose the awardee will apply to the ministry seeking permission for extension of stay immediately after completion of course and shall furnish reasons for doing so. The awardee after having returned to India is also required to immediately intimate to this Ministry in writing about having returned to India.

ix. The awardee on return to India has to remain in India for at least five years and is also required to serve the Government, if he/she continues to be in Government service after return to India, as one was before going abroad with award under the Scheme. x. It will be for the candidate to obtain the appropriate visa for a country wherein one intends to study further under award from the Scheme and the Visa issuing authorities may see that only such type of visa be issued which only permits the candidate to pursue specified course abroad and thereafter the candidate returns to India. In case candidate is applying for admission in any University in the United States of America, the candidate is required to obtain J-1 VISA only. The State Department of USA keeps a list of Designated Sponsor Organizations for J-1 visas for students. Government of India will render no assistance to a candidate for obtaining Visa.

xi. Selected candidates are required to furnish all such documents and enter into such agreements before their departure as shall be decided by the Government of India from time to time.

xii. In case the awardee has received overpayment through Indian Mission abroad or any other Government agency, he/she is liable to refund the same to Government of India and his/her employer (if any) is authorized to recover excess amount from his/her dues, on request from Government of India, and refund the same to Government of India.

xiii. The decisions of Government of India will be final in all such issues, as may come up during the course of time.

xiv. The Indian Missions abroad will obtain six monthly progress reports from the university/ institution where the awardee is pursuing his/her studies for which the award was given under the Scheme. The Missions will inform to this Ministry such serious adverse developments in case of the awardee which requires decision towards further continuation of the award or otherwise. The Missions will, however, keep on advising such awardees to put serious efforts in improving their achievements who are not seen to be upto the mark as reflected in their said six monthly progress reports and they may also be reminded that financial assistance under the Scheme is not extendable beyond the stipulated period under the Scheme.

xv. The candidates shall not change the course of study or research for which scholarship has been sanctioned. However, when situations arise where an awardee pursuing Ph.D in a university/institution where one is initially registered with finds his/her guide has left and there are no immediate replacements thereof or the university/ institutions has discontinued the research support facilities in the area where the awardee was pursuing Ph.D. research; the Indian Missions abroad in such cases are authorized to allow the awardee to change the university/ institution as notified in the Scheme, after the Missions are satisfied about such a need, however, subject to the condition that the credits if any earned by the awardee in the initial university/institution are accepted for transfer by the second university/ institutions and that the total period of award will remain unchanged even on such a transfer/change, which will be permitted only once during the award.

xvi. The candidate is required to give a declaration to this Ministry that he/she has not already acquired the qualification in the meanwhile or has not submitted the final thesis leading to active possibility of acquiring the qualification, from an Indian university. This Ministry on receiving such a declaration from the candidate will appropriately decide as to whether the candidate can be awarded under the Scheme or otherwise.

xvii. In case the awardee is unable to complete the course successfully and that if the guide/head of the department of the candidate certifies that the candidate has not been found wanting in his/her commitment/dedication/attention to studies then the Ministry shall have the right to exempt him/her from the penalty clause of Defaulter under the Scheme. The Indian Missions in all such cases will provide the return air passage to India by shortest route and economy class.

xviii. When the awardee overstays abroad for more than one month after successful completion of the course and then of his/her own returns to India at own cost, he/she will not be entitled to refund of return passage booked by him/her. In normal circumstances, immediately after successful completion of the course, the Indian Missions abroad books the return journey, for the awardee as provided in the Scheme, and thus, the overstaying awardee without any specific purpose for more than a month after the course is over, will forfeit his/her claims of return passage at Government expense through Indian Missions abroad.

xix. The Indian Missions are required to intimate to this Ministry about the return of the awardee to India.

xx. This Ministry, if necessary, in consultation with other Departments/Agencies, will take decision on such issues concerning awardees arising out of such situations and circumstances which are of unforeseeable nature and, thus, not covered under this written Scheme and the decisions of the Ministry will be final and binding on the awardees.


1.(i) Self Attested photo copies of the following documents must accompany with applications:

(a)Matriculation or other certificate as proof for date of birth.

(b)All Degrees/Diplomas/Certificate with mark sheets.

(c)Income certificate in the prescribed format.

(d)Offer letter of admission if obtained.

(ii) Self Attested Photo Copy of Caste Certificate issued by a Competent Authority

(iii) In case of Passage Grant additional information with a statement indicating:

(a)Details of merit scholarship and the manner in which it has been obtained

(b)Self Attested copy of the letter of the award.

2.The Applications should be complete in all respects and should be accompanied by all relevant documents. The applications incomplete in any respect are liable to be rejected and no application will be entertained in this regard.

3. Applications should be sent at the following address to this Ministry (employed candidates through proper channel), in the prescribed application form which will form a part of the advertisement published by the D/o SJ&E in Employment News /Rozgar Samachar. Applications received up to 31st March of the financial year (2017-18) will be considered for grant of award/assurance of award. The applications received will be considered for selection /on periodical basis.



SCD-V Section,

Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment,

Department of Social Justice and Empowerment

Room No.211 – ‘D’ Wing, Shastri Bhavan,

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Marg,

New Delhi-110 001.

4.The advertisement /Application form may also be seen in this Ministry’s website: www.socialjustice.nic.in.





(To be filled in English or Hindi Language only in Block letters)

S.No. Particulars

1. Name (Shri/Smt./Km.) Name Surname (According to Matriculation Certificate)

2. Father’s/ Husband’s Name:

3. Date of Birth: 

4. Age 

5. Place of Birth ( with name of State/UT):

6. Nationality:

7. State/UT to which you belong:

8. Religion:

9. Caste: (Specify whether SC, Denotified Nomadic/Semi-Nomadic Tribes, Landless Agricultural Labourer and Traditional Artisans) (Attach self attested photocopy issued by the Competent Authority).

10. Marital Status

11. Address (with Pin code No.) a) Present address (Correspondence):-b) Permanent address:

c)Nearest Railway Station

d)E-Mail ID, if any:

e)Phone Nos: Office _________________ Residence ________________

f)Aadhar No. if available:-

12. Total Family Annual income from all sources for the year 2016-17:-

Income Profession / Occupation
Guardian , if applicable

13. Particulars of academic/professional examinations passed or pursuing (From Graduation or equivalent):

Name of the Board/ University/ Institution Exam Passed
Year of Examination Subjects % age of
Marks obtained*
Class/ Division

* Grades obtaining in CGPA/SGPA may be converted in percentage as certified by the institute.

14. Details of published Research papers/books, if any: (Please attach a separate sheet )

15. (a) Employment particulars, if any:

Office/ Organisation Date of joining Date of Leaving Designation Nature of work Monthly
Salary including
all allowances
1 2 3 4 5 6


(b) Other work experience, if any.

Next of kin in India to be notified in case of emergency:

Name Address Relationship Contact No.

17. Have any of your relatives been awarded this scholarship?

If so, please state their name, relationship with you and year of award.

18. Degree/Programme for which scholarship is sought i.e. Masters./Ph.D.

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