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This is Top 100 entity framework interview questions which is asked frequently during the interview this Questions is use for the Entity framework interview questions Freshener, Entity framework interview questions one year Experience, Entity framework interview questions one Two Experience, Entity framework interview questions Four Year Experience, Entity framework interview questions Five or Six Plus year Experience

Entity framework or EF interview questions answers

Entity framework or EF interview questions answers

Entity framework interview questions Freshener / Experience

  1. what is ADO.NET and entity framework or EF?
  2. What is Entity Data Model (EDM), Conceptual Model and storage Model in Entity Framework?
  3. What id Mapping Entity Framework?
  4. Explain Object Service in the EF?
  5. Explain Entity Client Data Provider in the entity Framework?
  6. What is the Entity Data Model Designer (EDM Designer)?
  7. What is entity set, what is Entity Type, IObject set  and  Associated Set in Intity Framework?
  8. Describe what are the advantage of using Entity Framework or EF?
  9. How you can install the entity Framework using Nuget Packages?
  10. What is the Latest Version of Entity framework and explain its new Feature?
  11. What are various development approach for the EF or Entity Framework?
  12. Describe what are various  Condition / scenarios Entity Framework can be applicable?
  13. What is pluralise and singulise in naming conversation for the Entity Framework dialog box?
  14. what is the user of edmx file ?  and  what it is  contains?
  15. Is LINQ is supported by Entity Framework?
  16.  what is the major difference between LINQ to SQL and EF or Entity Framework in C#?
  17. Describe what is CSDL, SSDL and MSL sections in an EDMX file?
  18. discuss What is the namespace used to include .NET Data provider for SQL server in .NET code?
  19. How can you enhance the performance of Entity Framework?
  20. What are T4 Template in Entity Freamwork?
  21. How we can read record using EF With Code Example?
  22. With Example Write the code how we can add, update and delete the data object in the entity framework 0r EF?
  23. Can we do the insert and delete in the same block of code in entity framework and then save the object?
  24. Do you agree that Entity framework is slow in term of performance and Why?
  25. Describe why T4 entity is important in Entity Framework?
  26. Mention what are the various types of methods Available by the DataSet object to generate XML?
  27. Describe how you can load related entities in EF (Entity Framework)?
  28. Mention what is DataAdapter class in ADO.NET?
  29. Describe what is connected and dis-connected data access in ADO.NET?
  30.  Describe what is Code First approach and Model First Approach in Entity Framework?
  31. Describe What is Lazy loading, Eager Loading, and Explicit Loading Explain it in depth?
  32. how you can off the lazy loading?
  33. How you can implement the store procedure in the Entity Framework ?
  34. What are POCO (Plain Old C# Object)  Class in the Entity Framework?
  35. How we can use the POCO in Real world using Entity Framework?
  36.  Is we Need EDMX files for the POCO Classes?
  37. What is major Different between Code First, Simple EF and POCO ?
  38.  What is the best practices to handle the currency in the entity Framework?
  39. What is DBContext and Object Context?
  40. Explain the Complex Type in the Entity Framework?
  41. What is Scalar and navigation Property and how you can use it and Which Condition?
  42. What is different between client wins and store wins mode in EF ?
  43. Is this posible to access the model without Primary Key?
  44. What is Use of Dispose() method in the entity Framework ? why it is so impotent in the Entity Framework?
  45. Explain what are the chances we have to in the web.config file during the use of entity Framework?
  46. Describe the use of Entity Container in EF?
  47. Explain the Feature of Split Entity in the Entity framework?
  48. Explain what is Self Tracking Entity?
  49. What is DefiningQuery in the Entity Framework ?
  50. What is use of EntityDataSource Control?
  51. How to Truncate the Table using EF or Entity Framework?
  52. How you cant get two Entity Model table with two Different database using the entity Framework?
  53. What is the Conceptual schema definition language (CSDL), Store schema definition language (SSDL) and Mapping specification language (MSL)?
  54. what are the key concepts of Entity Data Model?
  55. Explain Entity SQL?
  56. What is LINQ To Entities?
  57. what is mean by table-per-hierarchy?
  58. What is  mean by table-per-type?