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  1. What Do you think about AutoCAD Software?
  2. What is the full form of AUTOCAD? AUTOCAD is the abbreviation for?
  3. Define the CAD and CADD?
  4. What is the latest version of autoCAD software?
  5. Explain various uses of AutoCAD?
  6. What is use of absolute coordinates in AUTOCAD?
  7. What us Polar coordinates in AUTOCAD?
  8. Whats is the different between Polar coordinates and absolute coordinates? AUTOCAD
  9. What is the main purpose of AutoCAD?
  10. What are the file formats used during design of AutoCAD?
  11. What is the method of vertical integration in AutoCAD?
  12. What is variants and what is the use of variants in AutoCAD?
  13. List down all the present in the software’s features? – AutoCAD
  14. What are the various features present with the AutoCAD WS?
  15. What are the different ports avalible for the AutoCad  for used in different Operating System? – AutoCAD
  16. What is the basic  steps to create user interface? – AutoCAD
  17. What is the basic  steps to draw a line more than one time and save it automatically? – AutoCAD
  18. What is the basic  steps to remove the empty layers? – AutoCAD
  19. What are the steps involved  to replace the buttons on toolbars with smiley? – AutoCAD
  20. What are the features being corrected by AutoCAD?
  21. Write down the steps for copying a closed drawing? – AutoCAD
  22. What are the basic steps  required for the setting up the default drawing directory? – AutoCAD
  23. What is the steps to copy the dimension styles from one drawing to another? – AutoCAD
  24. In plotting what is why to hide the specific layer in the AutoCAD?
  25. What are the steps to enable the drag and drop feature in AutoCAD?